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  1. Serving with your kids is an awesome way to keep this going. My kid had a soccer game to attend so she joined me serving late, but she was pretty upset she missed any of it. I have tried to make it a habit of modeling serving with her for years, first at Tuesday Night Teams at Westside where she and I cleaned the kids classrooms together (she was 6), to now she sets her own alarm clock to get up early Sunday morning to help me set up at South Campus.
    In return for her serving with me, I have made the commitment to serve in her classes if at all possible until she graduates High School. Not only does she see me modeling serving, but she knows that I am taking an active interest in what she is doing and learning. If our kids see us truly serving and following Jesus, and being His hands and feet; then they want to do the same thing- and they can convince others to. It becomes a cycle that isn’t easily broken.

  2. I love that both heather and ken came to the same conclusion separately. I’m trying to include one or more of my boys in helping me help others. Whether it’s them coming with me to shepherds house or teen challenge or skate church…just getting our children around hurting people getting whole gives them a healthy understanding of the difference they can make.

    What are some stories out there of love in action from yesterday (Saturday)?

  3. I think one of the benefits of something like I Heart is that it gives people a chance to see real and practical ways that we can serve our community. It makes the thought of “serving” less overwhelming when we realize at it can be as simple as pulling weeds or painting a fire hydrant.
    People can now take this momentum, as well as get inspiration and ideas by hearing the stories of how other people are serving, and learn to do this in our lives on a daily basis. Hundreds of lives may have been changed this weekend, but it is exciting to think how many thousands of lives could be changed for eternity if God’s people made I Heart a lifestyle rather than an event.

  4. I think for me the takeaway is to love like this every day. It’s easy to get excited about a big event like IHCO, and we should be excited – it was an amazing day! But it’s also to easy to miss the needs all around us, among our family, friends, and in our own little sphere of influence. How often have I been guilty of saying, “someone should really do something about that,” or praying for someone, but doing nothing to be part of the solution. Even if it’s just a smile, a hug, a word of encouragement, a little of my time, or a dollar out of my pocket, just letting someone know they are loved, that they matter, may mean more to that person than we can know on this side of heaven. That is, after all, why we are here.
    My kids and I had a wonderful time serving together yesterday morning, and last night was awesome! Now I just want to keep that feeling going beyond this one event, and into the rest of my life.

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