4 comments on “Small and Poor?

  1. When I am hot and thirsty I don’t usually thank the faucet or the plumbing for quenching my thirst. I am always grateful for the cool refreshing water. When we see ourselves as we should, we will notice it is God who moves through us and touches the lives of those around us and not us the conduit that He flows through. In Psalms 24 it says “Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in.” I am learning to see My Jesus as the main focus and my self as just allowing Him accesses through me. I am but just one door, faucet, or access point that he has if I will allow him to flow through me. When the King of Glory comes , His presence will not allow for us to feel poor or small. Just humbled to be used of God.

    We need to remember the promises of God and His word and not allow the enemy to rob us of who we are in Christ. Those are pretty powerful attributes. As we lay our lives in surrender at the feet of Jesus we make our selves able to love the unlovable and bring truth to the hurting. Again humble messengers. Not our words, but His Words. Not my will, but His will.

    Although we can plant, till, water, and weed, only God can cause Growth! I am learning to trust Him and allow Christ to build His church. I ask my self the question. Why is it so easy to get in His way?

  2. John the Baptist said it best when he said “He must become greater, I must become less”. That needs to be the attitude of those of us in leadership. It’s not about us, it’s not for our glory. When we, as individuals, become “small and poor”, then it leaves room for God to show His strength and majesty.

    The word poor brings to mind pictures of people who are destitute and down trodden, people who on their own have no chance and no hope. It’s not a bad picture of us without Christ in our lives. We as leaders need to remember that if not for Jesus, that picture would be us. When we are serving Christ, it is not us building the Kingdom of God; it is God building His own Kingdom and we are just the tools He is using. Should the church be small and poor? Yes and no. Yes in the heart attitude of it’s members as we recall that aside from Him we are nothing; and no in the fact that when we are truly humbled before our Lord and serving Him through the strength and power He alone gives us, then the Church is a powerful force that overcomes the gates of Hell.

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