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  1. I feel that the road between love and authority is one that most pastors today do not make,… I have found most pastors start with love but can never make hard move to authority and discipline often leaving issues or people unaddressed that should be dealt with…. just my observation.

  2. Steve,
    Love the thought of Authority, our best example of Authority is the Father, and how did He show it? Through giving His Son most of all, through forgiveness and taking care of our every need, etc. This type of Authority is totally different than man’s type of authority. The Father gives Authority, out of Love and man gives out of judgment of others so he himself can look good and be above others.
    Last week, I had a message I believed to be from God, He wasn’t worried about the Sin, as He took care of that long ago ( with Jesus at the cross ) He was concerned about the LOVE. Meaning the lack of love for others that we show. When we’re in authority we should show more love to others. I thank God everyday for the Authority He has in my life, that way I don’t have to be all in all situations. People on earth for the most part are followers and need great authority figures to follow like Paul.

  3. Hi Steve,


    The question of authority and it’s application needs to be understood by those unfamiliar with it. The world has no experience in the concept except in the negative. To share, to teach, to live by example as a living example of His Love, makes others wonder. With wonder comes curiousity, then learning and awareness of what I think Jesus wants us to present to the world… The end product is submission to authority by those in need of His Love without the battle of claiming authority, it (authority) comes as the gift that He intended…perhaps…

  4. Good word Steve. I look forward to a post about daily walking in authority, I have some thoughts on that and would love to hear yours.

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