One comment on “A Divided Church

  1. I can remember one of the messages you gave when you and your family came home from the mission field. You were talking about finding the move of the Spirit in maybe a very unlikely place. None the less, the Spirit was there in that place and still able to minister in and through you. Is this still possible in a small town like Sisters? Absolutely! I think of the many pieces of the body and each having their own distinct purpose. Yet the body is incomplete when you only use the sensors that are specific to your area of comfort. If we are being used, like a muscle is being exercised or clay that is being shaped, is it not about what is comfortable? These examples are discribed more as a stretching and pulling of faith than a tickle to please oneself. When we allow ourselves to be used as God allows, the hand and foot move together and not against, which is how community and communication form. Only then can a body move forward.

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