2 comments on “Recognizing God’s Voice

  1. Greg,
    You are absolutely right. As Alex stays faithful to the journey of discovering God, that all of us are on, he will find Him in amazing ways. Maybe not always in the same way as others, but nonetheless, God reveals himself to those whonhunger and thirst after him.

    Greg, I am so amazed by your commitment to Alex. You put him as first priority in your life, after God, and it is so commendable. You are a great father.

  2. Alex asks me often why he can’t hear God. As Spencer has practiced hearing God’s voice I will assure that as Alex remains faithful/faithfilled and listens for His soft, quiet voice he will come to know God’s voice as he knows mine…

    I just pray Alex is able to be touched as Spencer and all your boys have Steve…Thanks for the inspiration to be the best dad I can’t be and the help you and the DIA guys have provided…g

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