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How much does any one person know about you? Think of the person who knows you the best – do they know everything about you? How many people hold secrets about themselves?

Something I’m learning about life: everything that is in the dark will one day be in the light. Does that make you nervous? Why does it make you nervous?

Here’s a theory: we hold onto secrets because we don’t want people to know our true selves. We are afraid that once people know the hidden things and the dark places, that they will reject us or, even worse, get others to reject us.

What if you had someone in your life that you could really trust? Someone that knew everything about you and you knew that they would not reject you or turn on you or turn others against you?

God knows everything, right? You can’t hide yourself from Him. We try, but He knows. His Son Jesus had an amazing conversation with a woman where he told her everything she had ever done. Don’t you think you would run and hide or at least make sure Jesus never spoke of your life to anyone? You know what this woman did? She told everyone in her town that they needed to meet Jesus (John 4:39). Why would she be so excited to have people meet the man that knows everything about her?

The only thing I can think of is that she found, in Jesus, someone she could trust. Someone that she could be authentic with and be honest with and be real with. She knew that he wouldn’t use her past against her.

Christian communities are typically far from this. We are famous for using people’s pasts against them. To be like Jesus means that we create a community of faith where people can be themselves without judgment or condemnation.

Most, if not all, revolutions end goal is to overthrow an existing regime or system and replace it with a new one that eventually becomes just as controlling as the first regime and then needs a revolution. And so it goes.

When Jesus came and started his revolution, it was directed towards the Jewish religious system. What’s interesting to me is I don’t know if Jesus ever intended to replace Judaism with Christianity, another form of a limiting system. What Jesus began was a community that believed in certain values and lived out those values intentionally. Could Jews be a part of it? Absolutely. Gentiles? For sure. It wasn’t a new system or a new religion. It was a new way of being human.

Jesus used the metaphor of salt to show us this. You don’t eat salt by itself. I know people who use a lot of salt, but it’s not a standalone. Nor are Christians to be. We are not a political system or a religious system…we have become those things. But Christianity, the revolutionary kind that Jesus intended, was to be a change agent to existing systems and existing cultures and existing religions (i.e Judaism).

In a little over two weeks I’m going to be sharing this concept with my church family and my hope is that we will grasp the significance we have, by God, to be change agents in our schools, in our workplaces, in our homes, in our neighborhoods and in our churches.