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I umpired my second little league game last night. The first was last week. Each experience was completely different.

The first game was a nail biter. It ended at a 6-6 tie because of time limitations. For me it was an incredible experience. I left feeling like I played an important part in a great game. Both teams were excited to be a part of the entire experience.

Last night was completely different. It was a bit of a blowout. I think the final score was 12 to 4 or something like that. But it was a horrid experience. I left questioning myself, the calls I made, the relationship with one particular parent. The coaches were great, but the whole experience was way more intense and much less enjoyable for everyone. Why the difference?

It had to do with how the crowd responded and involved themselves in the game. The first game, the parents were encouraging, they were understanding, they were full of grace. You could tell that they didn’t take it as seriously as the second game. They were more concerned about the experience than about the win.

In church, we can get caught up in the moment and take things really seriously. We can also forget that we help create the environment and experience for others to either enjoy the moment or leave feeling completely overwhelmed and inadequate. Through our words and actions we can bring life or death, hope or despair, joy or sorrow.

Which will you do?

I recently read that for a new idea or a new vision to take root in an organization you have to find the 16% that are 1) already doing the idea or vision (innovators) and 2) those who are more willing to adopt the new idea or vision (early adopters).

Let me ask you: does God need 16% or does he need more or does he need less to fulfill his vision for humanity? Does a local church need more or less?

On one hand he used one young lady who embraced a pregnancy that was divinely orchestrated and on the other, two spies (17%) couldn’t convince the other 10 spies to conquer the promised land.

You may not be like Mary (the innovator) who was not only willing but embraced the new idea of God; you may not be like Caleb and Joshua (early adopters) who were willing to risk their reputation for standing with God’s new idea; but do you, at least, have an open heart to the new things God wants to do through others and through his church? Or, will you be like the other 10 spies who stood in the way of God’s great plan?

I hope you choose to be an early adopter of God’s great plan for His church; but, if you don’t, that’s ok, just please stay out of His way.