9 comments on “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE!!!

  1. Hey! You still remember! 😉 We’re good, we still could improve soooo much. Next time you’re in this part of the world come visit us. We have a nice house and Maja could make lunch you love ;). Loads of love to Susanne and boys.

  2. Thanks for this word. You’re on right track! May Lord bless you all.

  3. Stay strong Gail. The Lord has called you and commissioned you. Wherever you set your foot will be land God gives you. Be strong and courageous!

  4. Any time a person takes on a more predominate leadership role carrying The Gospel for Christ, strange hurdles seem to fall across the path being sought. Pray, pray and pray. Satan will always put things in our way to twist our thinking so we think we really should not take on this role we are contemplating. You have it right! Get Out Of My Life Satan !!!. Prayers of strength headed your way and I am thankful to you for sharing yourself. Steve, I have been there…………….Christ is the way out !

  5. Steve, we are with you.There is no other life we want.I will place my hope, and my hope for my kids, in God alone.You being sold out to Him is all the security I need.

  6. Wow!! I am claiming what you say!!! Get Out Of My Life Satan!!! The last few days I have woke up questioning what the heck am I doing going to Australia?? I know it is Satan trying to discourage me for what God might have planned for me and then the questions come, what if ?? All these thing go through your mind…but then I come back to Jesus and know it will be ok no matter what.. HE will be by my side.. Thank you for being so open ..I so am thankful to be a part our family !!!!

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