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  1. Adventures are adventurous because they are scary. If adventures weren’t scary they would be retreats:)

  2. I was so mad at you when you told me about that risk you took! But now that it has resulted in a blog illustration, all is well.:) Seriously though, I think sometimes I see walking in the Spirit as scary rather than an adventure. A little wind moving through my set ways and days is exactly what I need.

  3. I certainly didn’t “take up” hang gliding…that would have taken a miracle to convince Suzanne:). But doing it once was amazing and I’m so glad I did.

    Sometimes what we do in the physical mirrors what we do in the spiritual, but God cares more about the spiritual willingness to take risks for Him in our everyday lives. Talking to someone that we normally wouldn’t talk to, sharing our faith even when it’s really hard to do, saying I’m sorry and asking my boys for forgiveness when I really blow it with them…there are so many things that take spiritual courage in this life. Let’s go for it!!!

    Appreciate you Norm.

  4. Your the kind of leadership we need,

    Wow! You are pretty crazy or..? I almost took up hang gliding in the 1980 era. My wife(with kids in mind) and my inner most thoughts told me NO. I used to go up on Pine Mountain and hold the gliders in place for the boys on the edge of the mountain then release them when they gave me the signal that a good wind gust was blowing. I always wanted to try it. I picked them up at the bottom by the wind sock with the truck.
    Maybe the Holy Spirit had something to do with me not jumping? You are a good leader by stepping out of the box…
    It is always an adventure when we jump out of our comfort zone with The Spirit in the lead…
    Bless ya


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