4 comments on “Wine Tasting

  1. Thanks Greg. The analogy Jesus used of a vineyard makes this Christian life so much easier to understand. He’s honored by our desire to give Him glory. See you Sunday.

  2. I’m so looking forward to Sunday. Too, regarding wine, I get to visit my grandchildren in Northern California in July. They live in a vineyard where they have learned at a very young age the need for tending the vines, pruning, weeding, watering etc., to assure that the fruits bare treasures. I think the Lord does that to me…I hope the bits of fruit I bare brings glory to The One deserving of any good that comes from all His works, pruning, weeding upon me.

  3. Why do we want to be like a “hero’ all the time ? In recovery, I am learning there comes a time to accept who we really are and build on that to the likeness of our Lord. We tend to live a life being intimidated by the mores of our society way too much. We need to take the fruits (gifts) God has given us and grow them in His name, thats the real “fame”

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