4 comments on “I’m at War

  1. I agree Marty. I’ve always been a learner. I’ve tried to learn from the mistakes of others so I don’t make them myself. But then I realized that I made my own new ones:). Who will save me from this cycle? Only Jesus. Thanks for sharing Marty. Appreciate our friendship!

  2. So true Dennis. It’s almost like a transfer has to happen. Less of me more of him is how John put it. Thanks for sharing Dennis and glad you’re on the blog. Hope it’s a blessing to you.

  3. Hey steve looking forward to getting to know you better
    I feel the only way to avoid our sinful nature is to fill it with Jesus in your thoughts and heart remember the bracelet what would Jesus do ?

  4. yes,the war is always there,that is why we are to take every thought captive…..yes i’m responsible for my sin,the more you grow as a christen and press into God the more you realise just how great a sinner you are……yes I used to think that only I could fix it, but God is showing me even though I have the will, I dont have the power to proform it…I beleive that God allows that failure to teach us of our own utter inability and that on our own we are helpless to obey His law.

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