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  1. Thanks for sharing Jon. What a powerful sentence for any human being to engage: I make all things new. Today is a new day, his mercies are new every day…that’s my prayer today, to live in the newness of his mercy. Thanks Jon.

  2. Hi Steve, great post. A very profound truth, but often misinterpreted. Thank you for sending this message out. This is an issue we have all wrestled with, and one I know drives a deep wedge between God and His kids…

    To put an exclamation point on this, Jesus said it best, “Behold I make all things new….”


  3. yes I do believe that is true..rom 6 tell us we are dead to sin but alive to Christ…Jesus says “my grace is sufficient for you.,so we are not under the law anymore but under grace,the law says do ,but grace says done, in 1cor.15:57 it say” thanks be to God! who GIVETH us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” .once I realize that the victory over sin is a Gift of Grace any victory that I try to get on my own by trying harder it is a counterfit victory,but if I repent and turn to Jesus who says to ask for anything in my name his Grace is always there to enable me to victory. so it changes my approach by keeping my focus on Jesus and not on my self and helps me to walk in the spirit.


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