5 comments on “Soft on Sin

  1. As I learn to approach with faith in what you can be rather than in fear of what you may become, I must remember God looks at me that way first!

  2. Leanne, that is so good. I wonder how many of us really open ourselves up to one other trusted person and give them permission to tell us anything and call us on stuff they see in us? Dangerous living but it would keep us fully alive. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the journey today.

  3. So good Steve! I am going to focus this week on exchanging my prayers for my kids to “not blow it”, for prayers over the amazing future they are going to have as they walk out their faith. LOVE IT.

  4. Enjoy the journey, yet not be afraid to call out sin and be open when others call it out in me. We need each other. I told my friend the other day that I was glad to have her in my life because “iron sharpens iron”. She’s not afraid to speak to the areas of concern in my life.

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