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  1. Very good.love the illustration about how we would introduce our kids…that will stay with me and remind me of how God sees me first and foremost.His daughter.

  2. The pastor here in Port Moresby, Pastor Rodney, gets up every morning with these words as a prayer to God: “I surrender my life to you today.” Closer and closer. Deeper and deeper. More Lord!

  3. So good Elizabeth. It reminds me of the verse that we get to grow from “glory to glory” and the old hymn “just a closer walk with thee”…oh that we would experience the depth of God’s love and compassion in ever increasing ways. Thanks for sharing, as always.

  4. some days are a 10 others seem like a 5, the days that I start off in the word are better than when I rush ahead without the guidence of my Father, I know that He is always faithful even when I’m not, I know that He is the great I AM, and I am not, so even if I don’t feel the Holy Spirit at work in me, I can still put my trust in His word, because He promised and He can not lie(heb.6) lean not on your own understanding but trust in the Lord with all your heart, so I am leaning through the Spirit to simply entuust my trust to Jesus,day by day and moment by moment and to listen only to His voice.

  5. One awareness that often comes up in thinking about God as our Father is that for many folks, their relationship with thier earthly parents often has a major impact on how they/we understand a loving father God, and therefore, how we rectify sin in our lives. If you come from a family in which the underlying message was “you aren’t worth it”, it can often deter a person from making any sacrfices out of love (we over-fill or under-fill in varying extremes)) because the true sacrifice feels futile, particularly if some abusive dynamic is or was present. Growing in our relationship with our ‘true’ father is a process of developing trust and believing in His love for us, while at the same time, healing the distorted messages we may have received in childhood. When we believe we are loved, our actions and choices take care of themselves more effortlessly. We become less concerned with gaining the approval of this world (we literally grow-up in our Faith, yes?) and we become more focused on expressing our love and respect for His world (in heaven there is no child abuse, no emotional incest, no crime, no sexual objectification..there are no malls or evil corporations, there are no drugs, no botox, no high fructose corn syrup, no jealousy, no hunger, no poverty, no disease, no greed, no addiction, no TV, no fear, no death…seriously, when can we go?!!)
    I’ve digressed…the point is, Love will make you do very wonderful things. When you believe you are loved and trust that love, your actions and life will reflect that love.
    P.S I think I’m going to make a t-shirt that says I <3 Romans.

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