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  1. Gordon, such a tough balance isn’t it? Next weekend I’m speaking the word about What Jesus Would Say To Ellen, and I believe God is helping me show His heart for the people in our world and how to stand for both truth and grace without falling off either end. But we all need to wrestle with these issues and waddle our way through them. We can no longer dig our heads in and hide from the issues our culture is facing. God gives us grace and wisdom. Thanks for sharing Gordon.

  2. Greg, I still feel like a duck over in 180:) I love being over there whenever I can and seeing the life and energy that exists in our young people. So much potential! Thanks for serving our families with integrity. Appreciate you.

  3. Praying for all of us parents today for courage in our kids’ schools. Let’s go for it and love like never before.

  4. I feel like a duck out of water among friends and acquaintances that vocally put down Christians because some have responded to homosexuality in a truly hateful and mean spirited manner.
    I waddle through walking the path true to God’s articulation of sin and being loving and compassionate while inviting into a life giving relationship with God. How can I live out the fullness of life in a Holy Spirit baptized relationship with God that is so inviting that the more restrictive perspective still is the preferred choice. (We might find some insight with Steve’s sermon on the subject this month).

  5. I always feel like a duck at Spencer’s school. All the mothers are so much younger than me, and so on trend.:) I feel challenged to do some uncomfortable waddling at Pineridge Elementary this coming year.

  6. 10 Years ago I waddled into middle school ministry. I have never felt so out of place. Today, the webbed feet are gone, and it’s easier to run and not feel so awkward and I love what I do!. I often think about where I would be today if I hadn’t ventured up out of the water and onto dry land. Boy! Am I glad I did!
    Thank you for the encouraging word today Pastor Steve!

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