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  1. Totally makes sense David. Trying harder doesn’t work that well in our Christian walk. Dependency on the Spirit is huge. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Been there to. From my experience is that the Holy Spirit worked on me and revealed some things that need to be taken to the Lord as david did in the pslams, and other times to a friend or home group to pray and stand with you for break through. I do know that the Holy Spirit empowers you to stand against the wiles of the enemy that try and get you off course from what God has for you. I don’t know if that makes sense. Have a hard time getting thoughts down through my fingers. 🙂

  3. Sunny, you’re so right. In a couple weeks I’m sharing a story of confession with the church and the guy I confessed to handled it so well. I look back on that moment and am so amazed and grateful for my friend’s grace-filled response to me. I have no idea how he handled it so well, but he did and to this day we have a strong relationship. Confession is so important, but it is not easy. Thanks for sharing Sunny.

  4. Steve, I’ve been there. Both sides of it; having been confessed to and having to confess. I have to admit I wasn’t as gracious to my confessor as he was to me when I confessed to him. It’s a funny thing, this confession stuff. When I tell you my secret I am free from the guilt, pain, and shame of it while your world is rocked. It’s tough even with Jesus helping; I have learned how little I trust Him to take care of me – (admitting that causes me to want to run and hide and turn for a hug at the same time.) This growing up stuff is something else.

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