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  1. After seeing the sermon for the fifth time, the line between church attendee and church member has disappeared. Church attendance is open to all while church membership brings with it the expectations to follow the discipline of the church?

    Has awareness of God’s expectations of members become overly lax? Maybe we are all insensitive to the offensiveness of all sin to a holy God.
    Therefore has this discussion opened up the intimacy of the Body of Christ to anyone who unrepentantly chooses to remain in their habitual sins??

  2. I am uncomfortable with the position taken here. I don’t believe the question is whether homosexuality is more of or a greater sin than other sins. Leviticus was indeed written for the children of Israel who were under the Law, To take the position that a portion of Scripture should be disregarded and no longer has merit, in my opinion is a dangerous place. The fact is, homosexuality is a sin and Scripture is clear in that regard. Revelation 22:14-15 includes being sexually immoral along with other sin, declaring those who practice may not enter through the gates into the City. All of the Word of God is inspired and is valid to our lives, to teach us. We cannot pick and choose the parts we want to disregard or follow. To do so I believe is a grave error. Jesus frequently when dealing with a person told them to go and sin no more, lest something worse should befall them. It is wrong to sugarcoat sin or worse yet take the position that sin is not really sin, but just not God’s best for mankind. John 3:17-20 provides a clear picture of God’s intent. Anyone, no matter the degree of their sin, has the opportunity to be Saved, if we accept Christ and turn from our sin. We need to be bold to the point of speaking the Truth in Love. In my opinion, this is what Jesus expects of us. It is what He did as our example.
    I commend you for clearing the air and for speaking the Truth, that God loves the homosexual, and there is no special condemnation reserved for them.

  3. Along with Gordon’s response above, I try to sympathize with those same-sex individuals. Maybe they have been so burned by the other sex that they think that the only way to feel love is to be with someone else who has been there (another woman who has been there, or vice versa.) This is why it’s so important to show them love from the church. What really hit home for me on Sunday when I heard your message is that you CAN be a true, full fledged Christian and believe in our Lord and Saviour and still be a homosexual. These people really need Jesus and by not being judgmental then we can help show them the way. I loved the verses from Paul and how it groups it together with other sins. This is no worse than lying, cheating, or stealing (or anything else listed in the verse.) I think you are doing a great job of not being judgmental towards anyone.

    One thing I must mention about Ellen Degenres. The “Christian” group One Million Moms were trying to take a stand to boycott JCPenney and get Ellen off of their Holiday campaign that featured her. This is where her comment came from. (“I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need.”) It’s from her show where she mentioned what this group was trying to do. This is part of the root of what is wrong today. Not showing compassion for another human being and this gave all Christians a bad name. And that is what makes me frustrated because we are not all like that.

    Bravo Steve for braving such a difficult subject.

  4. While empathizing with the same-sex orientation predicament and the need to show heartfelt love and compassion we must remember that same-sex sex is perverse (anatomically, biologically, and evolutionary). A celibate same-sex oriented person should have full access to leadership and service opportunities within the church. I would be VERY uncomfortable with active homosexuals in leadership positions within the church. Along with other recurring sins that would disqualify for leadership roles.

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