3 comments on “A Biblical Interpretation on Homosexuality – Part Two

  1. Granting that same-sex orientation has major physiological roots, the statement that people are born an abomination lumps together same-sex orientation and same-sex orientation acted out. In a sin distorted world we find at the end of the trail people with same-sex attraction and no moral way to act it out. Celibacy is an option that has been lived out for centuries to the greater glory of God. Building on a life filled with a strong relationship with God makes celibacy less challenging. My love and compassion centers around acknowledgement of this predicament, and sharing the great news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

    For twenty years I have had the labels of homophobe and mean spirited bigot thrown in my face without any offer for dialog. This issue has brought significant heartbreak and pain in both directions.

    In the end it is not about you, or about me, but about living out our lives to greater glory of God.

  2. I just want to thank you Pastor Steve, for addressing this topic this past weekend- and in these blog entries- with such love and compassion. And truth. In the past 8 years I can only think of two other times its come up at all, and this is the first time its been spoken like this. Or maybe it’s just the first time I’ve heard the message delivered with that much love, and I was willing to listen.. I wish I’d heard it years ago. When so much hate has been spoken, this means a lot

  3. I like to share some of my morning devotions with others when appropriate and the messages in them. We have a loving and forgiving God. By working with others who are in recovery who have questions about Christian values with various mixed issues…….. I can try to be a voice of encouragement to them to follow the ways of The Lord. This can be very difficult at times.
    Pray, Pray..Pray.

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