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  1. Soft on sin. One opportunity is to take on the larger conviction concerning the state of Christian sexuality across the spectrum. We would need to stop the special conviction for homosexuality and recognize that God has high expectations of Christian sexuality period. This would make an unmarried heterosexual couple sharing the same bed as offensive to God as a homosexual couple sharing the same bed. It would also be as scandalous for the heterosexual partners to be serving in positions of church leadership as the homosexual partners. Why waste the opportunity for all of us to lovingly help each other to joyfully grow closer to God?

  2. Steve, Once we are in Christ we truly are redeemed. The concern that remains is for those we love and the world that has yet to place their faith exclusively in the redeeming blood of Jesus. The fear of God provides some degree of urgency to the Gospel message. The love of God provides the awesome embracing grace, love and mercy. Obviously, you have challenged me way beyond my previous comfort level but it is exciting through your blog to grow together in faith and understanding.

  3. Steve, so true “do we have anything to fear when we find ourselves in Christ”? It is becoming clearer that It is not how can I show my own love and compassion but possibly that I get out of the way and show Christ’s all sufficient love and compassion. From my earlier exasperate comment it appears that God lets a loyal soldier blow off a little steam once every forty years and go back to work without getting zapped, maybe he even has a sense of humor?

  4. Hi Gordon. I think what you write about the fear of God is really intriguing. I’m going to research more on this in the New Testament, especially the teachings of Jesus about His Father (I’m quite familiar with the fear of God written in the Old Testament and in now way discount that aspect of God as being holy). What I’m wondering is if Christ now steps in and is our holiness in a sense, therefore removing the fear aspect of the holiness and righteousness of God. In essence, do we have anything to fear when we find ourselves in Christ?

    Interesting conversation.


  5. To enable is to disable. You can confront a child’s behavior with shame and condemnation, or with curiosity: ‘Why did you do that?’ and understanding and love. Instead of pretending that I don’t see what you’re doing, or what I’m doing, I might ask ‘why are you doing that?’ and go from there. My work has taught me that its never really about the food or the sex or the money or the ‘drug of choice’…those are just the surface symptoms of some kind of broken heart. There are all kinds theories about what heals a broken heart, but I think the most effective remedies begin with truth.
    I have so appreciated this past series. Thanks Steve.

  6. Your comments concerning fire and brimstone seem to discredit and discount the validity of the fear of God perspective. True, exclusive focus on the fear of God is imbalanced and unhealthy.
    Let me present my understanding of the fate of those who are relegated to eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth. First we are left to the consequences of our sin without the grace and mercy of God. Then we are thrown in with everyone who has ever lived that we would never want to meet. After throwing all this together and removing the restraining power of the Holy Spirit the synergistic potential for evil is beyond comprehension. For me this prospect produces more than fear it produces eternal absolute terror. Motivation enough to change my ways. Do I have this all wrong?

  7. The faith that God has given me is a million times greater than any frustrations that might be expressed and our love has survived the absolute heights and depths of love and grace. Today our Father who art in heaven you exasperate me to no end. Why can’t you write and inspire writers to where we can diligently study and try to live out your word without it being totally flipped in understanding years later. If Steve has new life shattering insights then have him write a book so we can follow has logic in one read through and have some peer review. You know that I am too battle scarred and fragile to get involved in some unreviewed experiment.
    Why has nobody on my prayer list gotten better?
    Our love is stronger than ever before. Exasperated.

  8. A man of God that speaks the word, the truth, and from his heart. Walking in love as Jesus did. Oh to understand the word and what it says from God’s heart. We are blessed to have such a servant, pastor, at our church. God bless you Steve.

  9. Very good word Steve, I have loved this series and where God is leading our church through your Heart to know how God defines and speaks His word to us about sin, as it has changed how I have thought about sin, it is not so much what we do, but that we are born into it and we are completly without hope and lost without the work of Jesus on the cross and that we should share the love of Christ to the lost by remembering that they have exchanged the truth about God for a lie that somehow they can be good enough to overcome sin without a savior, untill they understand the bad news there is no good news. I agree we should never pass judgement on someone else because God,s mercy towards us is never ending and His great love never fails and it is His will that none should perish,the only sin that really counts is the sin of rejecting Jesus in the end, so our job is to pray for them and allow the Love of Christ to flow through us, and to be obedient to the Word of God, for as D.L. Moody says “where one man reads the bible a hundred read you and me….Christ in you the hope of glory…thanks Steve…

  10. My gut feeling is “Where is Steve going with this?”

    Maybe more important is all last night I had this powerful feeling that Westside is about to take to the next level the outrageous, contagious joy and love Steve has been talking about. That I can get behind 100%. What will that look like?

  11. Hi Steve! May i send you a copy of a new book titled Why We Eat Our Own? It fits right in with what you have been talking about

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