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  1. I am not sure. Maybe offer small groups or blue groups for people who have not connected at the church or a neutral place with a church veteran to help guide the study. That way people would get to know each other and see the benefits of it without feeling like they are intruding on an already established group.

  2. Thanks Sheryl for your comment. Larger churches can be a safe place for people who aren’t ready to connect and ease into a church experience, which I really like and am good with it. Over time we have found that if people stay in that place after 2-3 years they often drift away and have a hard time reconnecting later. I wonder if there is a way to help people feel more connected without overwhelming them? Thanks again for sharing a bit of your story.

  3. I believe it is very easy to hide in a big church and sometimes that is what you want to do. you want to go there, nod at your neighbor, worship and go home. You may be new or shy or going thru stuff.
    In a smaller church if noone talks to you, you feel lonely and if everyone does it puts you on the spot and it isn’t always easy for people to join small groups. If you are in the church club it may be easy but if church is a new thing to you or you are shy, it may seem overwhelming.
    I love Westside and I have come off and on for years both to the main and south campus and these are just my thoughts for the day on this subject.

  4. Right on Sue. Suzanne and I did Cleansing Stream early in our marriage and I’m so grateful we did. It makes me think of the many ministries that provide connection and relationship: celebrate Recovery, griefshare, building a lasting marriage, for men only, for women only…some really great resources out there. Appreciate you sue!

  5. My life group has bee family for years. We have supported each other through hard times, celebrated good times, cared for and chosen to love even when we are less lovable. I am so grateful.

    Cleansing Stream is another experience of small. Precious people who have been healed and freed in miraculous ways. A safe place to be real, to be known, to embrace victory and abundant life.

    I grew up in a small church too. And I loved it. But because of the small within Westside, I am blessed watching us grow. More people to love 🙂

  6. MTC has connected literally hundreds of people to one another at Westside and to ministry. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks Ruth.

  7. If I hadn’t gotten involved in MTC I would still be lost in a big church. I wanted lost for awhile. We were overworked before we moved here. ( our fault for sure) God is good and is faithful to continue moving us on, even while our feet are dug in.

  8. Chris, now I understand why you are the way you are – hanging with Rod for 5 years, that will mess with you…hahaha…love you guys and I love Rod:)

  9. Gordon, that’s great that you are so connected. I also attended FUEL for awhile and it was hugely helpful to have a consistent place to build relationships and learn about the Bible.

  10. Blue Groups have totally helped connect people in a fresh way. I’m grateful to Bo Stern and her team executing such a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing Leanne.

  11. Men’s Thursday morning bible study (6:30-7:30am) was the way I first connected through a small group. I also am in a small group Tuesday evenings where there is a closeness that is anchoring. I also like the many initiatives and activities that the bigness of Westside provides.

  12. Great encouragement. No one wants to get lost in a crowd, but the enemy would like to make us feel that way. I would add that Blue groups are a great way to meet new people in a small, comfortable atmosphere.

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