3 comments on “Wrestling with God – Shadows of Jesus

  1. Thanks for sharing Dianna. I love your personal insight and experience. “His shoulders are big enough.” Right on!!!

  2. Steve~ I love your honesty~ when our nephew was murdered 3 years ago I was mad at God, confused, disappointed, and disillusioned. I felt guilty for those feelings but just like you said, He invited me into the ring with him and let me know His shoulders were big enough for what I was feeling. We wrested for months! Though I’ll never understand the “why” I know God is faithful and can be trusted.

  3. Oh ouch!! Yet he will heal that limp later. Mercy and goodness. The treasure hidden in discipline, So thankful we have a father that won’t leave us where we are. And all along walk with us to the victory we already have. He has already won the fight, and that limp will remind us down the path. Face to Face, change forever, sounds good to me.

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