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  1. Veronica, you need to call my assistant Cheryl tomorrow and set up a time to meet with me and a couple of our pastors:). Way to step out in so many ways over the past two years. God is using you in profound ways to touch others. Be encouraged and know that Jesus is leading you and you are hearing His voice. I can’t wait to connect with you.

    By the way, I’m trying to get out to the Atrium after every service to be available to connect with people. So if you don’t find me right after service, it means I’m there and I just hang out until the next service, so there is plenty of time to connect with me:). Hope to see you soon.

  2. Elizabeth, this is really awesome! I laughed out loud. What a life of adventure. Never a dull moment when we follow after Jesus. He knows exactly what we can handle and what we are capable of, if we trust Him. Way to go!!!

  3. Thanks Brad. Do you have a blog address? I agree about Joshua. I’m hoping he has some time to hang out with us and talk about what life was like with Moses, wandering in the wilderness, kicking butt in the promised land. Great stuff. Enjoy the Sun Stand Still devotion. I like it so far.

  4. OK, with butterflies in my belly and a shaky hand, here it goes…
    In a binder I have dozens of prophecies and dreams that I have received over the past 15 years, many while in MTI at Westside. In 2006 I had two visions so real, there is no denying that they were from God. Most align with one another and have been give by no less than 20 people. About 18 months ago I began having dreams, not one or two, but at least 10 times, of God telling me I was to go before the heads of the church. Why? What am I to say? God says, “just go and I will speak through you.” By heads of the church, what do you mean God? “ALL the leaders of the church!” RIGHT! I have only shared this with my family and life group, until today. They periodically urge me to just GO! I know, I know!
    So why is it 18 months later and I haven’t done it? Ah, because I don’t want to step out in front of God, and why would the leaders of Westside meet with me – an unknown member of their church – especially when I’m not sure why I’m doing it? and pride, and fear, and doubt, and…
    Then your challenge this Sunday, Steve. During the time of contemplation, His words come again. AHH! OK, if I can get to Steve right after the service, I’ll tell him. After the service, I watched as you headed out with some people. So I got out of it again!
    I’ve talked with you twice. You officiated our Renewal of Vows on Valentines Day in 2011. Then husband, Greg and I thanked you for your “Ellen” sermon and shared our son’s struggle with the church and being gay. OH! and you shared my letter about someone secretly paying the $1000 deductible for my car repair.
    Well, this is my step out of blind obedience…
    God bless you Steve, and your courage to push us beyond ourselves.
    Veronica Becker

  5. It’s a miracle that I got to go to college and from there, get a master’s…it would be an even greater miracle if I could pay off my student loans. I knew I couldn’t afford it, but going back to the projects was not an option. Actually, the day I interviewed for graduate school my mother took me out for pizza and I just started crying..not because I don’t like pizza, but because I knew I got in and I knew it was going to be hard and that I had no clue how I was going get through it and I knew even more so that I did not want to back. …Sometimes I feel like God has had His hands on my back, shoving me forward, saying ‘go, go, hurry…just GO!’ and I’m always like ‘How? Why? No.’ and then I just figure it out..only once in the last 4 years did I actuallyturn around (outside in front of the psych hospital where I was working) and say out loud “Back off!”. God did not listen and I was also not placed on the psych unit…both of these turned out to be good things. I’ve learned that God is not interested in my excuses, that I never know what He’s going to ask me to do next (which sometimes feels like a camping trip that I don’t know how to prepare for…desert? tundra? wll they have showers?) and that it will always be an adventure.

  6. I wouldn’t mind the sun standing still for me–to stop the days of my life from growing old. But that is unrealistic. What I am trust God for in my life is to be more of a servant than I have ever been in my life. From serving God to serving my wife–I just want to be like Jesus in serving.

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