6 comments on “Ignite the Ordinary – Sun Stand Still Part 2

  1. So glad we met by the pool that day, and thankful for every encounter that led to our marriage. Also truly thankful that god doesn’t catch us, then stop chasing us. He continues to seek us out, to meet us in every situation and season in a way that impacts and changes our perspective and path.

  2. It’s not easy at all Marie. I’m so glad that God is speaking to you and you are listening to His voice. He changes everything.

  3. Pastor Steve and Suzanne — thank so you so much for such a timely message and 5 day study. I have to say that the sermon on Letting Go was the first sermon in my life where I had tears itching down my face during the first 3 minutes of the message…Truly! I had actually been meditating on and working through the exact words “Letting Go” for the last few weeks, upon receiving those words in prayer. In the two days since your sermon, I have quoted your opening comments to nearly four friends, “the faith that got me where I am, will be not the faith to get me to where I’m going/ where I will be.” Activating new levels of faith, is no easy task, ha!

  4. Zechariah 4:10 “Who dares despise the day of small things…”
    Thanks for the reminder today to be faithful in the mundane, knowing that when and if there is something more from The Lord for us, He’ll “speak” to us there.

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