2 comments on “Ephesians 1 First Reading

  1. Sheila, great study and insights. It is a good reminder that sometimes we can only know the real meaning of a passage by digging deeper.

  2. One of the things that popped out to me was how Paul addressed the believers in Ephesus as “the saints”. In many of his other letters he calls christians “saints” or in Romans he says they are called to be saints. Maybe not an important detail but when I think of a saint I have this idea of this perfect person, something I am not and I don’t know many people I would think come close to that ideal. However, when I look up the word saint in a bible dictionary I get a clearer picture of what it really means-“to set apart; sanctify; one set apart from the world and consecrated to God; a believer in Christ”. So I still wouldn’t use the word saint to describe myself but I can relate to being a believer in Christ and know that God wants me to be consecrated to Him.

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