6 comments on “Ephesians Chapter Four Part 1

  1. Well said Charlotte. I don’t think we have to be ashamed or embarrassed that we live a bit differently than others. Like my mom used to say, “the proof’s in the pudding”, it’s how we live and love that makes a difference. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think the more Christians in Oregon share our faith in little ways, the easier it will be for others to accept Christianity and choose to live a Christian life too. It may not be comfortable telling others that we are going to church instead of to the Brewery Saturday night, or up to the mtn to ski Sunday morning, but I’m thankful that I have that choice. I don’t have to hide my beliefs, or risk prison. I might have friends & co-workers who view Christianity negatively, but to me that is an opportunity to love them and let them know that I choose grace.

  3. Right on Kathy! I love that phrase “no matter what”. It’s really powerful when you think about it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think you’re right Andrea. Any insight for us here in Oregon on how to be a Christian in a setting like ours? We so desire to reach our friends and neighbors with the love of Jesus. Thanks for sharing Andrea.

  5. Yes it is. Let me count the ways. But grace will see us through. And oh what a joy when we share his love and grace no matter what. There is no greater love than to share his Love with others.

  6. I honestly think it depends on where you live in the U.S. I felt like it was much more of a challenge to be a christian when we lived in Oregon. I worked in an environment that was very secular, very anti-christian. It was a daily struggle for me to live out my faith. When we moved to Indiana I had culture shock because christianity was so common and acceptable. I remember when we first pulled into town and we saw a bank marquee that was advertising vacation bible school. I couldn’t believe that they were allowed to do that. Christianity is still socially acceptable here whereas I don’t think it is in Oregon. Now the challenge is to not become comfortable in my middle class christianity. It’s too easy to stay safe in my comfortable church bubble.

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