4 comments on “What’s the Cause?

  1. I have been reading the proverbs each day as a result of the last series. I recently experienced some of the listed items and can tell you from experience that taking our focus off God can cause these things. Based on the Proverbs and getting more specific, not submitting to God’s ways, thinking that the wrong way is going to be more profitable than God’s way. We see this a lot in the world today, it appears that the worldly way is prospering people. It is the big deception, it only takes a quick glance into the lives of those in Hollywood to see how miserable the ways of the world can make people. We are seeking this unattainable mirage. It’s Satan’s great deception to get our focus off God and onto things we think will make us profitable and happy but result in the above list.

  2. A look at the listed scriptures appears to reveal that habitual laziness is the cause of all the things in your list.

  3. Lack of faith that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Yet this will take some more time I believe to seek God for answers.

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