One comment on “Intended Sin

  1. Romans 1:24-32. Some discount the list of 29-31 because many faults we have become comfortable with and the mention of disobeying their parents initially lessens the seriousness of the list. I submit that all are similarly offensive to a holy God as the worst of 24-32. The time to raise the bar was most opportune when this passage was addressed earlier this year. Rather than these highly offensive faults being discounted by inclusion of disobeying parents it should be seen that respect and obeying of parents is a very big deal to God. Inclusion in the ten commandments [Deuteronomy 5:16] and in Romans 1:30. While God seeks everyone where they are and no matter what they have done, we are called to sanctification, nothing less. No one should have walked away from a sermon on Romans 1 & 2 more comfortable in their sin. Sinner of whom I am among the worst.

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