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  1. used to ask my clients “who are you when no one is looking?” As children and adult-children we tend to do alot to get recognition or approval or sometimes intentional disapproval from our parent as a way of getting our needs met. In unhealthy families, or if our relationship with God is out of alignment, we are motivated to act only to get needs met, or avoid punishment..instead of just being our whole, authentic self. When we can be our whole, authentic self rough spots and all and still be loved…well that’s amazing grace, yes? That’s the essence of what it means to have faith and believe. To believe that we are loveable. In human relationships we test the waters..will you still love me if I gain 15 pounds? If I say the wrong thing? If I get sick or don’t have money, or if I keep trying but failing at fixing this one thing. God always says Yes and so His love in its fullness feels amazing.The trick is recreating that with actual people. God can see into the heart of who we are and my experience with people has shown me that we see from the surface first and sometimes that’s where it ends…or we only see mirrors everywhere and look into the other only as far as we’re are able to see ourselves. Its feels like an epidemic here (our country, not just Bend) and I think its dangerous. I think it might be why people feel so empty. Pervasive and unrelenting judgement and comparison. Portrait of Dorian. He lived in constant fear that his painting would be discovered and the real man would be seen..would he have stopped what he was doing if he believed he would be loved either way?I love how God hears us…this week I told two people that I love in two very different ways that I see them…actually add 6…and then yesterday a friend shared something with me that said explicitly that she sees me and it was so beautiful…look what He does and what He can do through us.
    Steve, thank you for giving me a place to put on my spectacles. haha

  2. What a great way to view God’s examination of my life! Rather than sitting back and judging me He “comes alongside and gives us wisdom to live better”. There are so many situations in life where I feel that I am being examined and critiqued but how awesome to feel the love of God who knows everything about me inside and out and corrects me for my benefit. Thank you for that thought and the great study in Proverbs.

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