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  1. I am new to the church, and I have enjoyed the journey so far, so I decided to join the fast… I have found a friend to help me navigate… Thanking God … Thanking Westside for the prayer walls and the inspirational services… Fasting now is so appropriate for me… I have had a lot of miracles happening since I raised my hand to ” begin”… S

  2. Darlene, your life has always been a source of encouragement to me. You live life with purpose and an intentionality that is pleasing to God and so helpful to others. Your life is a huge blessing. Praying right now for God’s blessing on your life for wisdom and financial needs. Keep up the amazing work in Central Oregon!

  3. AJ, way to go on fasting. Not easy, but God will honor your sacrifice. I have had the same issue before about not knowing if the thoughts I have are mine or God’s. One tool that helped me decipher is journaling. I started writing down those thoughts and feelings, and I began to see patterns of where God would intersect my life. It also gave me an opportunity to share with others, further along in the journey, to help me understand the differences. Hang in there with the challenges you are facing. You are taking the right step by putting God first. Keep it up and I look forward to hearing about your journey this week. (By the way, I hope I’ve fixed my blog issues with comments). Keep it coming!

  4. I have been a christian all my life and now as an adult, a husband, a father…I am seeking God in a much deeper and more personal way.

    I have never done a fast before and halfway through day one…I can see why I didn’t! LOL. I continue to pray for a fresh filling of the spirit to carry me to dinner time where my soup is waiting.

    My goals for this time are simple.

    1) I want to connect with God more deeply and personally. I am the type of analytical person that when I pray I never know if the thoughts and feelings I experience during and after prayer are God “speaking” to me, God putting thoughts and feelings into my head or just my mind doing stuff and God is being quite at that moment. It’s maddening trying to decipher it! 🙂 I want to show God my dedication through this fast and hopefully he will reach out and communicate in a resounding, unmistakable way.

    2) I want God to become a deeper part of my marriage. We have been married a little over 5 years and are very committed but we are still very different which can lead to conflict. When we are strong with God, those conflicts don’t seem to impact us as much. When we are away from him, they can take a greater toll.

    3) I want God to show me where he wants me in my career so I can provide better for my family. Things are VERY tight right now even with us both working. This means stress abound bill time, the kids are in day care some days…when we would both rather have them home with my wife more often, and we have a real lack of disposable income to do fun things as a family, as a married couple or with friends. I am open to wherever he leads me, but I pray that something happens…or I pray he lets me know he has me right where he wants me and to have peace with that and our current situation.

  5. Steve,
    Thank-you for your leadership and love for our CO, country and people. I feel the same way and was very shocked as I learned lately, we have the highest rate of suicide in America. And the highest in population is our young Veterans. There is just something so terribly wrong with this picture. So, what do we do besides ring our hands and repeatedly state,O’ that’s awful. We at HOHM are purposing to do something about this. We are praying and asking people to join us in pray. We plan to extend our free meal service in Redmond at the Hope Center/Lavender Thrift store to cover 24 hours. We know through our work since 2003, that God’s love is the missing link in our lost people. We need to value each human soul as Jesus did when he agreed to come and pay the price for us ALL. We know, when we feel valued and loved by even one person it changes our self talk. I met with a county Homeless Outreach Coordinator, I know her from my work with the Veterans through COVO. She informed me of recent changes at the hospitial when dealing with suiciaical clients, they don’t keep many who come in. And Sage View is the place for these clients to be transferred to and they have declined usage from fifteen beds to eight beds. Not sure the reason, but in a time of great need we have less treatment available for our community.
    We are seeking people with the heart of God to be on site as we open our 24/7 warm drop-in site. Please pray for our wisdom and financial needs to open this as soon as the people are in place. Darlene

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