2 comments on “Seven – Day 5

  1. What if God gave you a wrapped up gift and you never opened it? What if it was a phone that was a direct line to him and you KNEW that every time you called He would take your call and listen? What if you opened the gift, said “that’s nice” set it on a table to display it, but never used it for how it was designed or took the time to learn how to use it? Isn’t that what prayer is? Doesn’t he just want us to pick up the phone and talk to him? Doesn’t He just want to hear our voice? Doesn’t He just want to hear that we love Him. After all, it’s His gift to us. Shouldn’t we pick up the phone (often)? Just think- He might answer us! But, if we don’t pick up the phone and use it, why would we expect him to answer us? Just sayin..

  2. I am praying boldly that I remember to pray more and when seeking an answer…to keep praying till I know God has answered me.

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