3 comments on “SEVEN – Day 6

  1. So awesome AJ. There’s definitely growth happening spiritually, while we may be losing some of the growth in other areas – I’m tightening the belt this morning.

  2. “God, please fill me with your spirit, and take away my hunger. Thank you for everything, father. Amen.” A quick prayer I say about 15-20 times while at work 🙂

    This idea of constant prayer…so often I feel like I am just repeating myself from prayer to prayer…sometimes within the prayer i’m still doing! Then I start feeling like I am just talking to myself and then feel like I am convincing myself why I need something specific (like a better job with more money) when I started out the prayer simply asking for guidance. Sheesh!

    Since this fast began, I have been praying more and these feelings I described along with our fast guide have forced me to try and think of something bold to pray for in addition to the things already on my mind. I think it has made my Godly mind grow.

    How great is our God!!

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