3 comments on “Mountaintop Moments

  1. Then it begs the question, why? Why did Jesus bring Peter, James and John with him for this experience? To wow them? To prove to them who He is? Or to give them an example of how being in relationship with God really should be? A day-to-day experience as he had with the P, J,and J is also the same as how he related with God the Father and those who had gone before.

  2. I think he wants to be with us more than we do with him. Our business, routine, habits, seem to fill our everyday lives where we don’t make room or time for him to be with us. Only when need for him pushes aside our routine do we seek him (speaking for myself). I want to make room for the spontaneous, wherever and whenever I either feel his approach or remember he is the most important person in my life, and take some time with him, right then, right there.

  3. I’ve never thought about Jesus possibly having that experience at other times, alone. Very interesting, and it makes sense. I’m thankful for experiential moments when God has intercepted me! Thankful for you, too.

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