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  1. In your Sunday Sermon you said you put the scriptures you were using in your message on your blog…however, I can’t find the blog that you are referring to. Can you direct me? Thank you.

  2. Steve , guy Vernon here .

    Enjoyed your sermon very much but have a few questions .I am at table leader in our men’s group . Most guys there talk about things they do (sin ) and how it adversely is affecting life. Most are working on trying not to sin because when they do sin they feel bad about what they have done . If a man is trying to stop drinking so much we may ask him how was your week and have you slipped .I do not feel this is being judgemental . So if a gay man came to our table would it be out of line to ask him how are you doing with your sin ? It seems like you were saying maybe we should ignore that sin .. would that be considerd judgemental .Our group has told heterosexual men they should not live with a women they are not married to .
    Last week we talked about the lance armstrong sermon extensively. I felt I was prepared for that .But after Sundays service I am not sure I am solid ground for this weeks discussion.

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